Special Card (Japanese: 特別カード, Hepburn: Tokubetsu Kādo), known in Japan as Skill Card (スキルカード, Sukirukādo), is a term given to special moves available to all playable characters introduced in Psonic X Touhou including the final boss itself.


Special Cards perform differently than normal moves. When blocked, they usually inflict chip damage, whereas normal attacks inflict nothing. Furthermore, they showcase the character's abilities and their specialty of offense when engaging combat.

Special Cards often require the input of complex motion controls with different directional commands and an attack button. Relatively few motionless Special Cards exist as a whole; the example of such moves is any machine-gun-type attack.

However, some Special Cards deal no damage at all, hence the usage of the other term "special move" instead since not all Special Cards are actually attacks depending on the character and their particular move in question.

In the game, Special Cards, Super Cards and Ultra Cards often take on a more powerful form, inflicting much more damage and gaining additional properties.