Super Card (Japanese: スーパーカード, Hepburn: Sūpā Kādo), known in Japan as Spell Card (スペルカード, Superu Kādo) is a special technique used by each character in Psonic X Touhou, the original entry of Psonic's Crossover series.


Same as Ultra Cards, each Super Card has easier input that requires special attack motion and two punch or kick buttons and is visually more spectacular. However, its differences are the powerful variant of a certain technique and the requirement of 1 power meter instead of 3, which is commonly used for Ultra Cards.

List of Super CardsEdit

Character Super Cards Description
Aiko Zatoichi
Aip Orang Rapid Beat
Cul-De-Sac Irony
Last Destruction
Kick-Ass Combo
Alice Margatroid War Command "Dolls of War" Alice creates a dense formation of dolls. If the opponent is trapped inside, they'll be stuck and will take great damage.
Crimson Sign "Holland Doll" Alice releases a doll that fires a cross-shaped laser. You can generally move right after throwing it, so you can use the laser as a shield to influence the battle to your advantage.
Curse Sign "Hourai Doll" Alice shoots lasers from multiple dolls. Covers a wide area in front with high power.
Allen Charlee Mild Gunman Achilles pulls out the M134 Minigun and fires at the opponent. He then brings out FGM-148 Javelin that launches M47 Dragon anti-tank missile, which tracks the opponent.
Horsey Vigilantism Achilles charges forward with his fist. When this connects, he attacks the opponent with a flurry of mixed martial arts, launches his opponent to the air using his cowboy uppercut, pulls out FIM-92 Stinger and fires an infrared homing surface-to-air missile that seeks them.
Cow Mangler Achilles pulls out an energy gun that holds a ball of blue energy in one shot in front of it, then launches it forward. It can also be charged up to increase its size, and thus inflict more damage through added hits on the opponent.
Axl Jet Destructive Launch Fist Like Shinku Hadoken. Axl launches a lighter explosive device by performing a Hadoken-like motion, which is similar to Pyro's.
Jet Smash Based on Metsu Shoryuken. Axl slides, hitting an opponent with his elbow and following with a 3-hit uppercut through launching the air.
Furious Weaponry Axl slides and punches an opponent. If success, then he performs Gatling Punch and finally a hard fist.
Uber-Charge Axl becomes invincible and heal himself faster without taking damage in 10 seconds until the power bar is empty.
Aya Shameimaru Squall "Sarutahiko's Guidance" Aya performes a stronger and purer version of Domination Dash. Using wind to achieve maximum acceleration, charge at the opponent with a graze of increased speed and power.
Whirl Sign "Maple Leaf Fan" Aya creates a tornado reaching to the skies. The distance is short, but the caught enemy will be helplessly drawn into the sky.
Thrust Sign "Tengu's Macroburst" Aya uses a card that can only be used in midair, fire a scatter of wind shots downwards. Closer to the point of firing, power increases.
Wind Sign "Tengu Newspaper Deadline Day" Aya uses the power of the wind to greatly increase your speed. The secret to the Tengu's speed.
Barris Lost Rocket Launcher Barris brings out his M72 LAW rocket launcher, utter "hey-oh!" or "wo-ho!" or "yeah-heh!" or "here-ya-g-oh!* and fire it up to blast an opponent.
Deadly Trigger Barris pulls out his Desert Eagle magnum hand gun, aim at opponent, walk slowly forward, say "hey-oh!" or "wo-ho!" or "yeah-heh!" or "here-ya-g-oh!* and shoot immediately. After performing this, he reloads up.
Lumberjack Barris brings out his axe, says "I'm going to slaughter you with my axe", move forward and hit several times in 5 seconds.
Crit-to-Crit Annihilation (requires 5 power stock) Barris thrusts his weapon in the air while cackling triumphantly or yelling; there are three different audio cues. Actually, be granted critical hits with all of his move set for 10 seconds.
Billmore Hawkins Armed Sweeper Billmore slashes an opponent with armed knife. If success, he then punches harder, fires his Remington Model 870 shotgun, shoots his M16A2 machine gun, followed by a pistol shot from M1911 and finally launches an explosive projectile with a rocket launcher that resembles a Light Anti-Tank Weapon. All of his weapons must be reloaded.
Grenade Armageddon Billmore fires his Milkor MGL in 8 rounds per second before being reloaded.
Flamethrower Billmore ignites an opponent using his portable flamethrower within the distance limit.
Combo Implant It's just like a V-ism version. This move makes other attacks quicker while the power bar is going down.
Buckethead Super Fist Blasters Buckethead fires a blue energy beam in front of him with his both fists. This consumes all of your red life and converts it to extra damage.
Super Rocket Tackle Buckethead blasts off with his jet pack, damaging the opponent on contact. The direction of this Super Card can be changed to hit the opponent up to six times.
Force Field Buckethead surrounds himself in a sphere of blue wave that goes bigger in the entire stage for a few seconds.
Surge Activation This Super Card makes Buckethead slightly faster.
Butch Coby Punch-Out Butch will try to punch the opponent with Strike Fist as a starter. If this connects, Butch rapidly performs a series of punches to do more hits and finishes of with the Final Uppercut.
Dead End Strike Butch begins with a low-hitting "stomp" kick, then light/medium/hard Strike Kicks; the last kick launches the opponent in the air, and Butch jumps up to follow with three midair kicks.
Final Genocide This move can be started when Butch strikes his opponent with his moving punch attack. If this successfully hit, he spins and punches them 12 times, in 4 sets of 3. He then lands 5 punches, alternating between right and left, before using a final punch to let his opponent sky high and finishing with a crowbar, baseball or steel pipe he swings if they come down.
Kick-Ass Combo This will make Butch faster and able to hit the opponent more. It is also inspired from Street Fighter Alpha 2.
Byakuren Hijiri Heaven Sign "Master of the Great Trichiliocosm" Byakuren throws a one-pronged Vajra to stop her opponent from moving, closes in, and beats them up with multiple blows at full strength. The one-pronged Vajra she tosses at first is focused heavily on speed, so it's hard to hit an opponent who's moving around fast, but considering that it's a single fatal strike that passes between projectiles, it's menacing even then.
Heaven Sign "Brilliance of Mahavairocana" Byakuren focuses her concentration to the limit, and compresses her magic power at the same time. Sensing a momentary gap in her opponent's attack, and performs a counter against it with a blow of magic power. If there's a gap that opens up from their intention to attack, it won't be overlooked even if it's projectile or melee.
Heaven Sign "Five-Element Mountain of Shakyamuni" Byakuren's faith changes into the hand of the Buddha, and flattens the enemy to the ground with a single welcome strike. Her faith is more powerful and authoritative than anything, boasting a scale that even Unzan can't compare to.
Captain Neo Energy Fury Captain Neo hits his opponent by performing Energy Fist thrice while dashing. If this collides, he automatically performs Vulcan Fist and ends with Energy Bomb.
Vulcan Storm Captain Neo snaps his finger, summoning his main star fighter to shoot an opponent by proceeding with vulcan cannon when hit.
Diving Missile Captain Neo signals with communication system, summoning his main star fighter and drop a missile on the area.
Cosmic Shine Captain Neo will flash automatically when he is on his feet. This enters him a state of power and defense increase. Despite being an Ultra Combo, it doesn't take any power.
Carole Rogan
Chieftain Paladin
Cirno Ice Sign "Icicle Machine Gun" Cirno fires 20 icicles at the opponent in a narrow spread. Whiffs at close range.
Frost Sign "Frost Columns" Cirno covers the ground with ice, hitting the opponent 1-3 times and temporarily freezing them. Cirno is able to hit frozen opponents.
Blowing Ice "Ice Tornado" Cirno summons a huge tornado, hitting the opponent 1-18 times.
Freeze Sign "Freeze Atmosphere" Cirno spins around to generate freezing air, which then trails behind her for a short time. After a moment, the trail will gradually burst into ice like a fuse, hitting the opponent.
Commandar Bon Mighty Sweeper Commandar Bon hits his opponent with a powerful punch at first. If this connects, he then shoots a burst of battle rife bullets, fires his Desert Eagle handgun, followed by a shot from his designated marksman rifle and finally a powerful beam from his laser gun.
Rail Gun Commandar Bon pulls out his rail gun, charges for a short while and fires a powerful shot of rail energy.
Bullpup Grenade Launcher Commandar Bon forcefully brings out his futuristic bullpup grenade launcher that bears the resemblance of XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement (CDTE) System and fires in 6 rounds. While this move is currently going on, you can change the firing direction from 0 to 45 degrees vertically.
Assault Acceleration Commandar Bon manipulates himself to increase his speed of every move. Lasts about few seconds before his gauge is empty.
Craig Lawn
David Croot Confined Shot David pulls out his AT4 anti-tank weapon and shoots a rocket with great damage in a single shot.
Riot Bash David brings out his military riot shield and initiates a charge attack, making him rush forward with a huge burst of speed. If this successfully hit opponent, he then pulls out his Franchi SPAS-12 and fires 10 times.
Air Machinery David does an uppercut with his military riot shield to launch the opponent to the air. Upon contact, he pulls out his Heckler & Koch MP5, aims at the airborne opponent and shoots them with a series of rapid SMG shots.
Dean Warson
Deniel Dannis Tazer
Arm Trigger
Deadly Shackle
Drone Assist
Dick Anders Barrel by Barrel Dick performs an extended Automatic Assault with a flurry of punches before the final upper.
Great Assault Dick pulls out his Remington 870 shotgun and shoots the opponent. Once the opponent got hit by this, he then shoots with his M16A1 assault rifle, bursts with M60 Light Machine Gun and finally stops or performs a hard Rocket-Propelled Tackle when any punch button is pressed (a hard Door Break Kick when any kick button is pressed).
Bomb Sweeper Dick dashes backwards and throw grenades 3 times following a rocket from RPG-7.
Blood Growth Dick strengthens with his war cry to increase his attack rate by 40% and movement speed by 25%.
Don Pepe
Dr. Horace Madman
Dun Frylark Explosive Assault Dun pulls out his rocket launcher and fires three rockets, after the third rocket, he rocket jumps high and lands with giant body press at full speed into the ground, inflicting more damage the closer he is to the opponent. Dun will fire his rockets at wherever the opponent is on the screen, and it can hit OTG.
Auto Cannon Fist Dun charges and attempts to headbutt the opponent. If this hit once, he then executes a barrage of lightning quick hard punches, delivers an uppercut, knocks the opponent's back into the air, grabs his assist character (either Satomo or Ellis), swings them over to his shoulders and throws them by headbutting the opponent with an extensive damage.
Grenade Blowout Dun prepares his arms backward to pull out a handful of M67 grenades and throws them towards the opponent.
Brute Strength Dun stretches his muscles to increase the hard damage.
Flandre Scarlet Scarlet Flare Flandre charges up fire in her hands and then lets it out as a huge explosion.
Starbow Breaker Flandre releases a small mist of rainbow dust before several projects strike the opponent at all sides.
Clock that Ticks Away the Past Flandre releases spinning gears amidst an area to have more damage to the opponent.
Four of a Kind Flandre creates three clones of herself.
Frank Theoren
Mononobe no Futo Wind Sign "Miwa Plate Storm" Futo calls plates to spin around her, and the whirlwind surrounding her will strike the opponent. When the whirlwind settles, plates will be set in the same way, so it's friendly to environment and good for Futo as well. Well, they'll be smashed anyway, though.
Blaze Sign "Taiyi True Fire" Futo kneads and bundles the fire with her whole body, firing the powerful fire spell downwards, setting on fire. Upon reaching the ground the fire spreads, and by causing a secondary disaster, the after care for your opponent is flawless as well. Its impact to the surrounding is concerning, but others don't seem to worry much about it as they think fights and fires are signatures of festivals.
Fate "Gate Opening for Catastrophe" The ultimate application of feng shui, which manipulates the fortune of one's surroundings. Futo creates an area that lowers the amount of fortune. Any opponent inside will be attacked by bad fortune. The severity of the misfortune will increase with the amount of plates drawn in upon activating the card, and the toll taken on the opponent will become harsher.
Gast Masken Lethal Assault Gas performs his hard knife strikes thrice and ends with Lethal Tornado.
Back Hitting Gas activates his Dead Watcher to wait for opponent's attack collision. If the opponent hits him basically, then he leaves his fake corpse, appears behind him/her, perform his combo attacks and finish with a handgun shot.
Ambush Gas activates his PDA to turn invisible but to surprisingly assault an opponent and perform combos before finishing with a hard kick.
Invisibility Gas activates his camouflage PDA to turn invisible before 30 seconds to become visible.
Guerrilla Gorilla
Guy Rawkins
Gyro McSandwich Gyro Rush Gyro summons his best friend to send his significant X-36 Gyrocopter to the battlefield by using his radio. Then he jumps high, getting in his helicopter and charges his opponent using a diving attack while flying. To finish this move, Gyro lands from the top of the stage.
Jumbo Propeller Gyro brings out his big-sized propeller based on his significant design and throws in a boomerang motion that looks like Cutman from Mega Man: Powered Up. If the opponent got hit by it, Gyro performs this move once more. For the air version of this, he drops it on the air next to his opponent.
Super Aerial Propeller Gyro calls his best friend with the helicopter using his radio and yells "Up, up and away!" or "To the skies!". Then fly together and make his opponent up to the air while hitting. As this move ends, he gets off from the helicopter and land to the stage.
Hatate Himekaidou Reporting "Hatate Himekaidou's Reporting Training"
Continuous Shooting "Rapid Shot"
Far-sightedness "Tengu Psychography"
Hecatia Lapislazuli
Hina Kagiyama Flawed Sign "Broken Amulet" Hina kneels and raises her arms, causing an amulet. She then transforms into a drill and runs into the enemy first in front of them, causing a knock down. Then Hina (still a drill) returns and runs over them.
Bad Luck Sign "Bad Fortune" Hina spins around and summons a tornado of danmaku.
Fate "Old Lady Ohgane's Fire" Hina creates three curses of ghostly fire wrapped into wheels within wheels.
Ichirin Kumoi Storm Sign "Autumn Storm Clouds of Buddhist Retribution" Unzan haphazardly punches at Ichirin's surroundings. As expected of a Spell Card, it's a great attack with impressive damage and appearance. What they're doing is simple, but because it's these two, just the scale of it makes it into a raging storm overwhelming the opponent.
Cumulonimbus "Foreseeing Nyuudou Cloud" A Spell Card where Unzan and Ichirin batter their surroundings with all their strength. It's possible to move to the sides and adjust as needed. If you've already finished declaring it, you can combo into it from various attacks.
Clenched Fist "Deadly Wind of Penitence" A single, decisive strike without relying on complicated strategy. The very essence of fists. Following a punch from Ichirin, Unzan throws a straight hook with all his might. Ichirin covers her immediate front with this move's readily-apparent range; a Spell Card that dominates horizontally.
Iku Nagae Orb Sign "Orb of the Five-Clawed Dragon" Iku fires five bolts of lightning that trace the opponent in the shape of a star, and advances them in the shape of a claw.
Star Light "Light Dragon's Sigh" Iku accumulates thunder directly overhead. An anti-air technique that delivers a powerful shock to anyone up above.
Dragon Fish "Swimming Oarfish Shot" Iku generates a small ball of electricity above her head while a large cluster of small lightning jolts slowly rotate out and spread across the screen for a long time before disappearing. All parts of the Special Cards are Type-2 and extremely dense, so if opponents try to fly directly through the Super Card, their spirit orbs will drain much faster than normal. If hit or blocked. opponents will be stuck in long stun or blockstun. The spell is very slow on startup and duration, when Iku is vulnerable. If Iku is hit while casting, new bullets won't appear, but already existing ones will stay on screen.
Thorn Sign "Thundercloud Stickleback" Iku charges herself with a jolt of lightning that radiates a short distance around her body and lasts for 5 seconds. Irregardless of what state Iku is in, the opponent will take damage if she comes into contact with Iku during the duration of the Super Card.
Josh Celton Arms of War First off, M1911 pistol shot. Second, M16A2 machine gun. Third, Remington Model 870 shotgun. And fourth, a powerful range of flamethrower.
Multiple Grenade Toss Josh throws 3 M67 grenades at an opponent.
Fury Knife Cutter Josh slashes an opponent using his knife. If success, then dash and cut 3 times.
Combo Implant It's just like a V-ism version. This move makes other attacks quicker while the power bar is going down.
Jun Won
Kagerou Imaizumi Fang Sign "Moonlit Canine Teeth" An enhanced version of Wolf Lunge, Kagerou dashes across the screen, slashing at the opponent with the last one sending them flying.
Transformation "Star Fang" An enhanced version of Canine bite, Kagerou turns into a wolf and dashes around in a star shape.
Wolf Fang "Bloodthirsty Wolf Fang" Kagerou howls while doing the reversal dash that creates tooth projectiles with some amount of damage.
Full Moon Roar Kagerou howls to increase her damage rate and attack speed.
Kaguya Houraisan Divine Treasure "Salamander Shield" Kaguya brings out a tornado of fireballs around herself that spiral upwards to attack airborne opponents.
Impossible Request "Bullet Branch of Hourai" Kaguya shoots a volley of Danmaku in every direction.
Divine Treasure "Life Spring Infinity" Kaguya performs the Spring of Life that never depletes. Perhaps this is the most wanted treasure in Japan, not the Jewels of Hourai, as the birth rate is getting lower and lower.
Impossible Request “Power Increase” Kaguya enters a state of both power and speed increase. All attacks do more damage than usual and her overall speed is increased, allowing her to move faster. Some of her attacks delay the timer gauge. Lasts about seven seconds.
Kasen Ibaraki Wrap Sign "Prosthetic Arm Proteus" Kasen uses her arm to create a whirlwind 45 degrees under and in front of her.
Dragon Sign "Dragon's Growl" Kasen launches a strike filled with stored energy at an angle of 45 degrees upward.
Hawk Sign "Hawk Beacon" This move is the super version of Kasen's Special Card. Cheap and wonderful for pressure. The projectile has a lot of hits, and easily confirms into the explosion. After subsiding, the explosion turns into a large beacon and 3 revolving orbs.
Katana Arakaki
Keine Kamishirasawa Origin Sign "Ephemerality 137" Keine releases bubbles that pop and release projectiles.
Pseudo-History "The Legend of Gensokyo" Keine releases four small statues out of the ground, then two large statues and finishes it off with a torii.
20XX: An Afterlife Odyssey Keine creates rows of blue-squared columns on the arena and shoots the spreading red bullets that go forward to make them dissappeared.
EX-Keine (requires 5 power stock) When Keine's lifebar is empty and she has 5 power stock, Keine will stare at a Full Moon, transforming into Ex Keine. Her lifebar automatically refills, but then empties slowly again over time. Her attacks are stronger and the Spell Card gauge refills much faster than usual. However, she can still sustain damage. Use of the X-Factor can temporarily stop the steady drain on her lifebar. She can still be switched out for other characters and will heal while on standby like normal.
Kevin Abraman Army Assault Kevin starts with a hard version of Shell Charge and if it connects, he performs a sequence of punches and kicks and as this move ends, he shoots an opponent with a futuristic variant of FN SCAR a bit longer before he throws a grenade.
Charging Storm Kevin activates his military communications device with radio at his back to summon his army of assault rifle-wielding soldiers with Private and Corporal ranks running over the opponent on the ground.
TOW Missile Kevin pulls out a portable TOW unit and fires a TOW missile at the opponent, falling on his back after a single shot.
Banner Activation Kevin brings out a banner and plays an alert horn with nuclear missile alarm sound effect to activate it and provide a defensive buff that protects himself from critical hits, an offensive buff that causes him to do mini-critical hits and speed buff with gaining damage range.
Keung Lee
Kirill Bushnov Kostyor Dynamite Pack
Tovarishch Resistance
Vodka Fizz
Kogasa Tatara Rain Sign "A Rainy Night's Ghost Story" Kogasa summons a large orb from her umbrella. If you let it go after the first level of charge, it releases a fireball that will bounce around the screen like a pinball. If you release it after the second level of charge, it will cause the orb to slowly descend on your opponent. The third level of charge will summon an even bigger orb that is really hard to avoid.
Monster Train "Spare Umbrella Express Night Carnival" Kogasa aims for the opponent and sends three waves of trains (actually extremely dense umbrella barages thrown so fast and so close together that they appear to be a train) to attack the opponent.
Rainbow Sign "Umbrella Cyclone" Kogasa swirls her umbrella to release bullets with glowing colors form a surprising cyclone around her. Kogasa, this time, surprises you with a slower remaining wave.
Koishi Komeiji Suppression "Super-Ego" Koishi suppresses her mind as much as possible. The aftershock from it deals damage in the area around Koishi, and due to her influence, the opponent unconsciously gets closer to her.
Instinct "Release of the Id" Koishi opens up her mind as much as possible. She scatters her attack over her entire surroundings as her emotions take her, and due to the aftershock from those emotions, the opponent unconsciously distances themselves.
Dream Sign "Ancestors are Watching You" Six shadowy figures attack, their gazes locked on the opponent. They fly out in pairs, giving this technique the unique property of three total uses.
Komachi Onozuka Death Song "Ferriage in the Deep Fog" Komachi calls her boat the “Titanic” and runs goes to her opponent while leading a bunch of ghosts. Contact with either the Titanic or the ghost cause damage.
Death Sign "Scythe of Final Judgement" Komachi strikes her scythe on the ground, and shots will fall above the opponents from the sky.
Soul Sign "Scythe of Wandering Spirits" Komachi unleashes a blade filled with spirits which steal life from the opponent. The spirits fly back to Komachi and allows her to regain health. According to her, she doesn't use this skill too often.
Exchange "Unpitiable Life, Pitiable Life" The unprecedented psyche-switching skill. It's possible to turn crisis into opportunity instantly, but this skill doesn't hit easily, is costly, and has a long casting delay.
Hata no Kokoro Angry Mask "Mask of an Angry Hated Wolf" A dashing technique that lunges at the opponent with Kokoro's emotions. Her trajectory can be changed in real time by using the up and down keys. Also, the spiritual energy used by this card will increase each time Kokoro's emotion switches after the card is declared. The card's performance when used will strengthen accordingly.
Possession "Four Humors Possession" Waves of emotion explode out, centered around Kokoro. Depending on the emotion released, it'll have an effect on the opponent's emotions, causing them to become emotionally unstable. You could say it's a miniature version of the incident she caused, so to speak.
Melancholy Mask "The Man of Qi Worries about the Earth" Masks of emotion fly towards the opponent, and a torrent of spiritual energy launches up where they hit. The masks chase down the opponent exactly according

to Kokoro's thoughts, no matter where they are. On the other hand, Kokoro herself is completely defenseless.

Landon Trakes Golok Chop Down Landon pulls out his Martindale Golok and rushes towards the opponent. If his opponent got successfully hit by it, he fills his combo by keep chopping with multiple hits.
Sub-Machine Gun Shootout Landon brings out his L22 sub-machine gun and fires the opponent until he reloads immediately.
Super Sniper Shot Landon pulls out his Accuracy International AWM sniper rifle and shoots without aiming his/her head but with a big amount of damage.
Flash Bang Landon throws a flash bang to make an opponent affected and enable mini-critical damage for all of his move set.
Lan Xiang
Lite Hostage Supply Rush Lite grabs a trolley cart with supplies from different companies like Jolibee on it, and then charges forward with the cart.
Flurry Urban Bash Lite charges forward with a throwing object. If successful, he then attacks the opponent with a flurry of attacks of several urban weapons, grabs them , spins themm around (counts as 7 hits), throws them into the air, and ends in a powerful swing of golf club, baseball bat or a piece of wood.
Left 4 Hits Lite pulls out his Ruger Mini-14 hunting rifle and attempts to shoot the opponent in a single hit with great damage. If this connects, he then shoots the opponent with drum-fed Thompson sub-machine gun, shoots harder with Strayer Voigt Infinity, and can be done with charging attack and a strong shot from a wooden Remington Model 870 shotgun.
Atomic Energy Drink Lite brings out his Gatorade energy drink and drink it to increase both health and damage rates.
Magician Type X
Mamizou Futatsuiwa Transformation "Bunbuku Hot Soup Bathtub" Mamizou's subordinate transforms into a teapot and blows steam, attacking even the highest heights. Mamizou looks back at her subordinate while relaxing in there, but only the tanuki knows what it's thinking.
Transformation "Youkai World Gate of One Hundred Demons" The herd of tanuki youkai, transformed into whatever they please, rush through the transformed gate. If one is unfortunately in their path, she gets jostled around by all kinds of opponents. The incoherence of the youkai tanuki's night parade is totally unmatched.
Transformation "Futatsuiwa Clan's Curse" Mamizou transforms the opponent into a powerless form, allowing Mamizou to one-sidedly attack them for its duration. The transformed opponent can't do anything but run away, but Mamizou is also limited to melee attacks.
Marisa Kirisame Love Sign "Master Spark" Magic of intense light and heat, and Marisa's specialty. It takes some time to develop the laser, but its damage and penetrating effect make it unmatched by any other. When she's in trouble, it's best to resolve things with firepower.
Comet "Blazing Star" Marisa evacuates from the battle area and returns with a power-filled charge. She's too preoccupied with her forward assault, so the trajectory cannot be adjusted at all, but it's impossible to stop Marisa while she is charging. When you're in trouble, it's best to resolve things with speed.
Star Sign "Satellite Illusion" Marisa summons several satellites upon declaration. While remaining near her position, the opponent will automatically attack approaching enemies. If used well, she can perform a finishing move by spinning the satellites. Note that since the attack begins right from declaration, the declaration time is shorter than regular Super Cards.
Medicine Melancholy Poison Sign "Poison Breath" Medicine breaths a large stream of poison from her mouth that can be aimed up or down.
Fog Sign "Gassing Garden" Medicine summons a Lily which will shoot a blast. If the blast hits the opponent, they will be poisoned.
Poison Sign "Nerve Poison" A spread of randomly arranged bullets appear from the center of the opponent's screen and spread outwards. Many of these bullets move in slightly different directions, making this spread look even more irregular.
Hong Meiling Rainbow Sign "True Intense Rainbow Fist" Meiling performs a series of quick punches accompanied by rainbows. Meiling can move forward or backwards slightly by holding in that direction. Melee attack.
Star Chi "Earth-Moving Star Pulse Bullets" Meiling creates a large, colorful chi orb in front of her, and then launches it across the screen. The orb damages enemies caught inside of it while it is being conjured.
Chi Sign "Earth Sky Dragon Kick" Meiling stomps the ground, sending the opponent into the air, and then launches upwards with a devastating kick that carries both her and the enemy across the screen.
Chi Sign "Fierce Tiger Energy Release" Upon activation, Meiling starts flashing gold and all of her attacks gain counterhit properties, with her skills gaining an additional 2x damage boost (2.6x damage total, as counterhit also adds 30%). Lasts around 10 seconds.
Metal Commando Razing Storm Metal Commando pulls out a futuristic fusion of both the M249 SAW and the M60 light machine gun and fires at the opponent. He then brings out a high-explosive grenade (if default), napalm grenade (if medium punch button is pressed) or even the futuristic rocket launcher (if hard punch button is pressed) to track down the opponent.
Foot Assault Metal Commando pulls out his futuristic version of Daewoo USAS-12 automatic shotgun, runs forward and hits the opponent several times.
Laser Raze Metal Commando pulls out his laser gun and fires a directed yet powerful laser beam that travels the full length of the screen.
Power Armor Metal Commando activates his armor to absorb least damage from an opponent.
Toyosatomimi no Miko Hermit Sign "Taoist of the Land of the Rising Sun" The strong light emitted from Miko fills earth and heaven. It's an area attack, but, as you can see, it can attack beneath her the quickest.
Tao Sign "Heavenly Way Atop One's Palm" Miko shoots out a celestial globe that has stars spinning around it. The stars that spin around it hit the opponent consecutively, so that as long as it's there, opponent can hardly move.
Human Sign "Tradition of Just Rewards" Takes her popularity itself, wraps it into a blade around her decorative sword, and stabs at the enemy. The more popularity she has, the more powerful the attack becomes. She can use the emotions directed at her even if they're negative, so you can turn even a low-popularity situation to your advantage.
Millard Ostin Anti-Communist Mani-Fisto Millard hops forward and punches an opponent. If success, he immediately performs this basic attack 5 times and finishes off with a critical uppercut.
Democratic Frenzy Millard brings out and wields his PPSh-41 sub-machine gun and Makarov pistol to shoot an opponent in a speedy way. He then finishes off with his RPG-2.
Burnout Millard pulls out his ROKS flamethrower, lasts a couple of seconds and does 15 hits while the direction of a projectile is changing in wavy motion just like a fire hose.
Minako Kamikouchi
Minamitsu Murasa Harbor Sign "Phantom Ship Harbor" Minamitsu spins her anchor around, creating a watery tornado around her before finishing with a slam that erupts a geyser burst of water.
Anchor Sign "Ghost Ship's Long Moorings" Enhaced version of Flying Anchor. It’s the same except that as the anchor as flying, it releases danmaku.
Flood "Venus of the Bilge" Minamitsu summons water into ships. It's very convenient. It could be very useful on a hot summer night, maybe in a wide field.
Moai King
Fujiwara no Mokou Blaze Sign "Self-Destruction Giant Flame Whirlwind" Mokou envelops herself in fire and spins around making a fiery tornado, which can and will hit the opponent above her.
Undying " 'South Wind, Clear Sky' Soaring Kick " Mokou does a diagonal downward kick, dragging her opponent with her all the way to the bottom of the screen, followed by launching the opponent upwards by erupting a volcano. If this spell is used at the mid-line or below, Mokou attacks with a rising flaming kick before the downwards diagonal kick.
Cursed Talisman "Indiscriminate Ignition Cards" Mokou places 3 layers of explosive talismans in a circle around her (5% stun per talisman). This spell has a large radius of a blind spot, so judging the distance is important if you do not want to whiff with the talismans. If the talismans are left untouched, they explode and disappear automatically after a short time, starting with the inner most circle
Resurrection (requires 5 power stock) If and when this happens, the round does not end; Mokou gets up again and levitates while her health is restored. Her health will restore to 100% unless she is hit before it finishes, at which point the technique ends. However, she is invincible during the beginning of this technique, guaranteeing her roughly 10-15% health.
Momiji Inubashiri Dog Sign "Rabies Bite" Momiji charges, slashing her sword.
Mountain Nomad "Expellee's Canaan" Momiji releases several fiery explosions around her.
Fang Sign "Chewing Satisfaction" Momiji tries to bite the opponent a lot to train her jaw.
Mystia Lorelei Night-Blindness "Song of the Night Sparrow" A super version of Musical Slasher.
Bird Sign "Mysterious Song" Mystia sings, releasing a short range barrage of musical notes.
Night Sparrow "Midnight Chorus Master" Mystia sings, releasing a long range line of musical notes while the screen is going black.
Nash Steele
Nitori Kawashiro Heavy Rain "Great War Beneath the River" Nitori launches a rain-simulating drone straight up, causing a sudden rainstorm and flash flood. Attacks the opponent by sucking them into the turbulent waters. Since the current is directed by very precise calculations, the audience and merchants' stalls are totally safe from harm, don't worry.
Bubble Sign "Fire! Bubble Dragon" With special equipment, Nitori shoots a bubble-shaped trap that's hard to escape from once inside. When it forms, it traps nearby opponent; when used against far-away enemies, it serves as a wall to restrict their movements.
Battle Machine "Fly! Sanpei Fight" A charging attack that temporarily switches out her backpack for external parts in order to dive at the opponent. There are two chances, once on activation and once when firing the verniers, to control the direction with the up and down keys.
Nue Houjuu Nue Sign "Mysterious Snake Show" Nue smashes the ground with her Pitchfork, this releases several snakes that chase after the opponent.
Danmaku X from a Wandering Star Nue aims for opponent and sends out several danmaku (Shaped like PlayStation button shapes).
Unknown "Youkai Orb of Unknown Mechanics" Nue releases a mysterious orb that follows the opponent around. Draw near to the source of the undefined.
Patchouli Knowledge Moon Sign "Silent Selene" After holding her book to her lap and spreading a large magic circle around her, Patchouli creates a series of blue columns which circle her and spread out.
Earth Metal Sign "Emerald Megalopolis" Super version of Emerald City. Two large pillars erupt on either side of Patchouli, and are followed by another two further out than the prior until 8 pillars have been released in 4 waves.
Earth Water Sign "Noachian Deluge" Patchouli points at her opponent and shoots a large spread of water bullets forward.
Metal Wood Sign "Elemental Harvester" Patchouli surrounds herself with a set of large, spinning gears and floats towards her opponent.
Placid Ironside
Raiko Horikawa First Drum "Raging Temple Taiko" Raiko summons a row of Taiko drums falling from the upper portion of the screen. If they connected to the ground, they then explode in an energetic manner.
Taiko "Fantastic Woofer" Raiko beats her drum many times to release the circular red waves that deal more damage.
Thunder Sign "Den-Den Daiko of Rage" Raiko releases many thunderbolts from her 3 Taiko drums at once. Can be done both on the ground and in the air. The air version of this attack hits OTG. Can be mashed for additional damage.
Reimu Hakurei Spirit Sign "Fantasy Seal" Reimu moves within the Super Card system are declared with the first use, and when reused in the available time period it will activate. It's a disposable yet powerful special move. Fantasy Seal is a move that corners the opponent with rapid-fire powerful homing bullets, and is one of the signature moves of the Hakurei shrine maiden.
Treasure "Ying-Yang Asuka'i" Reimu crushes the opponent with a huge yin-yang orb right in front of Reimu. With additional button inputs, she can fire the orb off. She can choose whether to fire in a left or right facing trajectory.
Divine Arts "Omnidirectional Dragon-Slaying Circle" Reimu forms a great barrier to stop all who come hear her and attack with a wide scope with Reimu as the center. The ones who jump into this attack are, without fail, attacked back instead, but after the declaration, people will often aim to bring about a counterattack; however, the world doesn't work out that well.
Reisen Udongein Inaba "Lunar Surface Ricochet (Lunatic Double)"
"Stare of the Hazy Phantom Moon (Lunatic Red Eyes)"
"Earth's Surface Ricochet (Lunatic Echo)"
Remilia Scarlet Destiny "Miserable Fate" Remilia fires out many chains made from red aura that chase the opponent.
Midnight King "Dracula Cradle" Remilia spins and charges towards to her opponent. She can be controlled.
Scarlet Sign "Red the Nightless Castle" This technique which burns away the surroundings with a red aura can easily be used to turn the tables at a critical moment. Its a spell with a scope that can easily hit mid-air opponents.
Millenium Vampire Remilia creates a magical aura that drains life from the opponent on hit. It's very strong, but while active, her defenses are lowered, so its a double-edged sword.
Rin Satsuki
Rina Stock Death Aggression Rina charges forward to the opponent. When contacted, she then performs the series of powerful knife arts.
Strong Rampage Rina unleashes multiple rounds with her guns ranged from pistol to magnum pistol in deadly fashion. Then rapid fires with M16A2 assault rifle and ends with a hard shot from Remington Model 870 shotgun.
Assassin Trap Rina begins to change her normal stance into a deadlier variant. If an opponent strikes her with normal attack directly, she counters by delivering a brutal punch to their torso, temporarily stunning them. She then proceeds on to deliver a series of powerful assassination arts and ends with the deadly choke by grabbing the opponent's arms with her arms, turning close to their back and barely cracking their neck while choking.
Combo Implant It's just like a V-ism version. This move makes other attacks quicker while the power bar is going down.
Ronn Marshall
Roxanne Foxy
Roy Shieldman
Rumia Night Sign "Night Bird" Rumia makes a sphere and shoots it upwards. If it does not directly hit the opponent, then it will burst and make spread out into smaller shots.
Twilight Flight Dance Rumia charges at the enemy in a horizontal direction.
Night Sign "Midnight Bird" Rumia covers in the darkness before attacking is, in fact, a manifestation of the lack of self-confidence in one's own power.
Darkness sign “Zero Illumination” Rumia makes it go dark for a few seconds.
Sakuya Izayoi Conjuring "Eternal Meek" Sakuya sends rapid-fire knives forward.
Wound Sign "Inscribed Red Soul" Sakuya hacks the opponent to pieces with knives using both hands. It starts at close range, like a melee attack, but beware its expanding scope.
Speed Sign "Luminous Ricochet" Sakuya tosses knife that reflects back and forth across the screen repeatedly. It reflects at full power, so it can pin down enemies for a long time.
Sakuya's World One of the strongest time manipulation spells. An unfair spell that completely stops time around her so she can attack, but it's expensive and slow to recover.
Sam Ramsen Gun Lariat Sam performs a spinning lariat and fires a pair of MAC-10 machine pistols in a half-circle degree fashion.
Top Drive Sam performs the Spinning Heel Kick thrice and finishes off with a hard version of the upper Kick.
Gym Smasher Sam performs a series of athletic attacks. For the final blow, she performs a hard version of Leg Throw.
Combo Implant It's just like a V-ism version. This move makes other attacks quicker while the power bar is going down.
Sanae Kochiya Prayer "Charm of Good Commerce" Sanae throws a large number of charms at the enemy. Because there are a lot of them, they're not too powerful, but the attack is dense and covers Sanae well, so this skill can be used pretty freely.
Esoterica "Gray Thaumaturgy" Sanae projects the shape of a star and attacks the enemy with light. Speed is slow but coverage is good, so the move is a good way to limit the opponent on ground or in the air.
Miracle "Daytime Guest Stars" Sanae calls down a bright star above the enemy's head. The star can move up and down, and sprinkle down stardust on the enemy.
Esoterica "Forgotten Ritual" Sanae creates a giant star-shaped seal which forms an unpenetrable barrier. An excellent defense skill. A bit slow on the start-up but it creates a long period of invincibility.
Satori Komeiji Heart Flower "Camera-Shy Rose" Super version of Deadly Rose. Satori summons a gigantic rose and mounts it on her shoulder. She then proceeds to fire off an enormous beam directly in front of her.
Recollection "Terrible Souvenir" Satori summons a bunch of chains to attack her opponent.
Brain Sign "Brain Fingerprint" Satori summons a trace of fear deep in her heart until it explodes.
Seiga Kaku Evil Sign "Yang Xiaogui" Seiga creates orbs that rotate around her and then she launches them at the opponent.
Spirit Link "Tongling Yoshika" Seiga calls in Yoshika Miyako, who attacks by rapidly swing her arms.
Path Sign "Dao Fetal Movement" Seiga synchronizes attacks between her and Yoshika, sending both lasers and orbs.

Yoshika moves in the background while Seiga remains still, focus your attacks on the latter.

Zombie Summon Seiga calls up Yoshika Miyako to aid her assistance in battle.
Seija Kijin Deceit Sign "Reverse Needle Attack" Seija throws a bundle of bullets on the upward of the screen as they teleport to the bottom of the screen. The shot is linear first, and goes crazy afterwards.
Reverse Sign "Evil in the Mirror" Seija summons the barrage of bullets around the screen and go in random direction.
Reverse Bow "Dream Bow of Heaven & Earth" Seiga summons the arrows from the vertical corners of the screen behind the opponent.
Reverse Sign "This Side Down" Seija fires a single arrow at the opponent. This move can be used on the ground and in the air, and homes in on the opponent. It actually does no damage, but when the arrow hits, the word “ESREVER” appears above the opponent head and their controls are reversed. They can’t even call out an assist. Lasts 10 seconds.
Shikieiki Yamaxanadu Guilt Sign "Wandering Sin" Shikieiki aims for the opponent anywhere in the screen and fires a hail Danmaku at them. The move can be used in the air as well. The direction of the arrows is determined by the buttons used. All versions can OTG depending on where the opponent is on the screen and where the Danmaku are fired from.
Judgement "Trial of the Ten Kings" Shikieiki waves her rod and a hail of danmaku crashes down on the opponent. Can hit OTG.
Lie "Tongue of Wolf" Shikieiki fires the barrage of bullets in all directions.
Shinmyoumaru Sukuna Mallet "Lavish Banquet of Legend" Shinmyoumaru brandishes the Magical Mallet and proceeds to spin around while moving forward. On the fifth spin, she swings the hammer like a baseball bat, launching the opponent. Will always try to go towards the stage center, then stabilize.
Inchling "One-Inch Samurai with Five Times as Much Soul" Shinmyoumaru stands on the rim of her bowl and bonks herself on the head with the Magical Mallet, shrinking herself. She can then be moved around until the Super Card gauge empties. While shrunken, she automatically grazes any bullets she walks through. While in this state, forcibly moving into the opponent will deal damage to them; this hit component is unblockable. There is a small delay between jumping in succession.
Fishing Sign "Adorable Tai Gong Wang" Shinmyoumaru reels back and casts a fishing hook, summoning a torrent of water and fish where the hook goes. Will not summon the torrent outside of the stage, making it usable for corner.
Shota Muto
Solo Breeze
Soro Cang Tremor Thunder Soro lifts up his fists, stomps with 1 foot and perform the uppercut-like motion to knock down the opponent, but with a big amount of damage.
Bomb Crusher Soro jumps at specific side of an opponent. Then knock them down with a tremor power.
Wings of Fury Soro performs the triple hard Bird Strikes to target an opponent in horizontal way.
Stryker Hawk
Suika Ibuki Will-o-wisp "Superdense Conflagration" Suika pounds the ground, causing lava to blow upwards. The lava bounces several times, so this has extensive range.
Secret of Kings "3-Step Destruction" Suika punches the opponent 3 times, getting bigger after each punch.
Great Oni "Missing Purple Power" Suika transforms herself into a giant form. While in giant form, she takes half damage, has super-armor, and is unable to block but can perform a variety of attacks and move/jump.
Mist Sign "Gathering and Dissipating” Suika releases a mist that’ll protect her from projectiles.
Sumireko Usami Gun Sign "3D Printer Gun" Sumireko pulls out a gun that was apparently created from a 3D printer. Fires instantly across the screen after the startup. Since it's a physical bullet, it can't be grazed. Crushes instantly if blocked.
Psychokinesis "Psychokinesis App" Sumireko pulls out her tablet, and uses some app on it to create a vortex of swirling junk. The junk will cause damage to foes that hit it, but it can be grazed. The vortex can be moved with the directional pad. At the end of the spell, the vortex will explode, causing damage.
Psychokinesis "Telekinesis: Radio Tower" After a bit of startup, Sumireko pulls two radio towers down from behind either side of the screen, similar to 4c. Huge damage, but the slow startup hinders its use in most combos. Can be used to take full control of the screen for a bit, but costs a considerable amount of meter. Difficult to use effectively, and not as useful overall as the gun. Even if Sumireko is hit on the first available frame after using the Super Card, the tower will continue to fall, forcing the opponent to back off or take a tower to the back of the head.
Suwako Moriya Divine Instrument "Moriya's Metal Ring" Suwako throws three charged iron hoops that each bounce 4 times. If used on the ground, Suwako throws them upwards. If in the air, she floats upwards briefly before throwing them down at the opponent. Weak super since they bounce about randomly and vanish quickly.
Native God "Froggy Braves the Elements" Suwako sprays rain all over the place. Unlike the special version of this, the rain will go directly up and then fall in a wide spread around her, so the bullets take a long time to get anywhere. As of 1.10, the droplets now come in bubble form and they fall slower to the ground. The bubbles won't disappear if Suwako gets hit.
Party Start "2 Bows, 2 Claps, 1 Bow" Suwako holds her hands out as gigantic stone hands rumble out from the earth, palms facing inwards. They then smash together in the center of the screen. If the opponent stands where the palm emerges from the earth, she'll take some additional damage even as the palm forces her into the other one.
Frog Nap "Can Always Hibernate" Underground only. Suwako freezes underground and falls asleep to restore her health in few seconds, with Z's flying out of her hat.
Tenjin Hokutaro
Tenshi Hinanawi Earth Sign "Sword of Unletting Soil" Tenshi plunges her sword in the ground, sending a wave of huge rocks rushing towards the opponent across the screen.
Swordplay "Sword of Swagger" Tenshi swings the Sword of Scarlet Thought around blindly, cutting the enemy into pieces. There's a lot of slicing and dicing in this attack, but not much else, so it's a bit weird to call it a "skill".
Weather "Scarlet Weather Pressure" Tenshi shoot temperaments at the opponent in this ranged attack. If it hits the enemy, the temperament expands and changes the current weather.
Temperament "State of Enlightenment" For a limited period of time, Tenshi strengthens her body to withstand hits without entering hitstun, but cannot guard while the effect lasts. She's actually just breathing in to withstand the pain.
Tewi Inaba Jewel Rabbit Tewi summons a ball that appears at the top of the screen, and moves downwards, floating towards and bouncing off the sides of the screen in the process. The ball maintains a constant horizontal velocity, and has its "gravity" oriented toward one of the sides of the screen, so it only bounces along one side.
Rabbit Sign "Great Fortune Crest" Tewi summons a cluster of bullets appear in some parts of the screen, and expand into several overlapping rings of bullets. These rings of bullets also revolve in opposing directions.
Runaway Rabbit "Fluster Escape" Tewi summons up the rabbits running away really fast.
Travis Croot Incendiary Blast Travis pulls out the M202 FLASH and fires multiple 66 mm incendiary rockets at the opponent, falling on his back after the final shot.
Charging Screen Travis charges full speed at their opponent with his military riot shield, barraging the enemy with hits. The first one of this move can block projectiles and even laser beams without losing power or speed. This move can be mashed for additional damage. After the successful hits from the first contact damage of the opponent, he does 3 uppercuts of increasing size and power using his military riot shield.
Gun Combo Travis rapidly fires his MP7 machine pistol, shoots a burst of bullets with the Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun, followed by rapid shots of M4 Carbine, and finally a series of M249 SAW shots.
Utsuho Reiuji Explosion Sign "Mega Flare" Utsuho shoots out a massive orb of fusion from her third eye.
Burning Star "Fixed Star" Utsuho summons a swirling ring of suns overhead that she hurls at the enemy. Upon reaching the edge of the screen, it halts momentarily and then reverses direction to return to Utsuho.
Geothermal "Nuclear Blaze Geyser" Utsuho slams the ground with her cannon, causing a series of fires to spout up from the ground extending to the top of the screen, all the way until they reach the end of the stage.
Control "Self Tokamak" Utsuho conjures up an atomic field around her. While in this state, if Utsuho performs a forward dash, a forward airdash, or any direction of flight, a bright glow surrounds her.
Voltrex Electric Storm Voltrex generates a powerful spark of electricity in a much larger area, shocking anything that comes near it.
Mechanical Rush Voltrex dashes with turbo jets came out at the back of its legs to attempt the attack on the opponent. Once successful, it then follows the series of hard punches and can be finished with Vulcan Upper.
Secret Weapon Bombardment Voltrex initiates the barrage of missiles from each leg, a swarm seeking missiles from its mouth and ends with Shoulder Cannons.
Mechanical Helper Voltrex aims for the opponent and sends MK-I, the predecessor and the medium part of Voltrex series of robots, to assist it in its attacks. Whenever Voltrex attacks, MK-I will jump or ground attack as well which hits high. This could be used to set up for unblockable combos with simultaneous high/low attacks, including pistol, sub-machine gun and pistol-grip shotgun.
William Ostin
Wriggle Nightbug Butterfly Sign "Butterfly Storm" Wriggle sends out a swarm of Butterflies and Moths to attack the opponent.
Mantis Sign "Mantis Strike" Wriggle dashes forward and unleashes a flurry of berserker punches and flips before finally kicking the opponent away.
Firefly Sign "Fixed Star on Earth" Wriggle sends a lot of large Genji fireflies around her.
Yomo & Vince
Youmu Konpaku Enlightened Sword "Rise from Delusion" Youmu puts a huge amount of energy into her sword, creating a huge sword and slams it down on the opponent.
Human Knowledge Sword "Turning Angel Cut" Youmu creates a laser and then fires another laser toward you that also fires bullets on normal or harder.
Spirit-Cutting Sword "Slash of Ascension to Buddhahood" Crossing both swords, Youmu creates a pillar of energy reaching into the sky. Has practical uses as an anti-air, counter, or combo attack.
Soul Sign "Ghostly Wheel of Pain" Myon turns into a clone of Youmu.
Yukari Yakumo Aerial Bait "Laced with Venom" Yukari produces four rotating squares as seen in her Bewitching Bait Special Card. Each square will appear near the opponent and be crossed by three lasers, although even if the opponent does not move, a majority of the lasers will miss. Easy to graze or block on reaction due to the long time before lasers appear.
Shikigami "Ran Yakumo" Yukari smirks and Ran materializes in front of her mistress before charging at her opponent in a straight line slightly above ground level. When Ran encounters the opponent or the edge of the screen she will begin spinning rapidly in a bright ball of energy and fox-tails hitting up to 15 times. Yukari recovers from the summoning very rapidly and can quickly follow up.
Magic Eye "The Magic Eye of Laplace" Yukari leans back and points her fan at the enemy as twelve gaps open, revealing demonic eyes which track the opponent's every move. Whenever the opponent is in hitstun the eyes will release a wedge of purple energy which will strike the opponent, suspending them in place as the other blasts pummel the opponent. This move can be used after some attacks with wall-slam to combo ex post facto. The projectiles seem to cancel all momentum allowing all other shots fired from the other eyegaps to connect. The eyes will remain on screen for 10 seconds after appearance or until Yukari is hit.
Shikigami "Chen" Yukari waves a hand and Chen materializes in front of her before bouncing across the screen. Chen will remain on screen until she touches the ground four times.
Yumemi Okazaki Strawberry Buster Yumemi pulls out a Cross and fires danmaku at the opponent. She then fires a large plasma sphere, which tracks the opponent.
Fire Missile Mimi-Chan Yumemi calls out her missile Mimi-Chan. All of its hits are unblockable, it attacks at random times, and attacks the enemy up to three times. This is excellent to use if you want to get a chance to start a ground/air combo. However, it is possible for the enemy to hit Mimi-Chan.
Fantasy Legend Yumemi shoots a barrage of bullets while summoning the crescent moons from the top of the screen.
Yuugi Hoshiguma Shackles Sign "Shackles a Criminal Can't Take Off" Yuugi dashes forward and unleashes a series of punches before finishing off with a Corkscrew.
Oni's Voice "Annihilating Roar" Yuugi punches the ground, causing an eruption.
Light Oni "Adamant Helix" Yuugi performs a super-high pressure spiral.
Yuuka Kazami Double Spark Yuuka creates a double of herself and both fire Master Sparks at 45 degree angles.
Flower Sign "Blossoming of Gensokyo” A super version of Sunflower Launcher, Yukka creates columns of flowers that knock her opponent away from her with great force.
Fantastic Spring Flowers Yuuka summons a barrage of flowers that appears at the top of the screen and slowly moves straight down.
Yuyuko Saigyouji Deadly Butterfly "Endless Nap" Powered up version of her Ghastly Dream butterfly super. Yuyuko creates more rings that expand further outwards and does a lot more damage.
Butterfly Sign "Death Lance" Yuyuko creates a fan behind her, and then after a delay she will begin to pelt the opponent with a stream of horizontal moving laser lances.
Lost Again "Gensokyo's Hell" Yuyuko creates a glow below the opponent that spews out a steady stream of wisps that travel in waves vertically upwards.
Psonic X Touhou
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