Ultra Card (Japanese: ウルトラカード, Hepburn: Urutora Kādo), commonly referred in Japan as Last Word (最後の言葉, Saigo no Kotoba), is a type of special move featured in one of Psonic's Crossover titles, Psonic X Touhou.


As with Super Cards, which are mainly cost level 1 power stock, every Ultra Card has only easy input that requires a special attack motion and two punch or kick buttons and can be performed using level 3 power stock while the power meter can be reached up to 5. It is widely considered as Ultimate Attack due to its spectacular visual effects and meant to deal a massive damage to the opponent.

List of Ultra CardsEdit

Character Ultra Card Description
Aiko Zatoichi Gatana no Yarikata
Aip Orang Final Dread Bust
Alice Margatroid Dolls "Lemmings' Parade" Explosive-laden dolls marching on the ground, resulting in a large-scale, long-lasting suppression attack.
Allen Charlee Frontier Justice Achilles forcefully pulls out his lasso, spins it and tosses a noose at one end to catch the opponent. If the opponent got hit by it, he then vehemently punches them, mercilessly beats them with his fists, sets down a remotely detonated explosive, runs off and activates it with timing as he doesn't watch the explosion when detonated.
Axl Jet Furious Weapon Axl brings out his melee weapon and charges towards the opponent. He attacks quickly with much hard hitting if he/she got hit mercilessly. For the final attack, he hits his opponent's airborne butt to the end.
Aya Shameimaru Illusionary Dominance Aya knocks the opponent upwards, then attack them repeatedly with the ultimate speed. Flying left and right, matching their altitude.
Barris Lost Slash and Burn Barris rushes an opponent with his ax by running and hops nearby. If this hits successfully, he keeps slashing in few seconds and fires a large burst of fire by using flamethrower.
Billmore Hawkins Energy Cannon Billmore pulls out his energy cannon, aiming at opponent and rapidly fires separated rows of laser shot several times.
Buckethead Planetary Avenger Buckethead flies forward and grabs his opponent, tackling them along the ground before swiftly ascending and releasing them while he arcs up and back away from them. As the opponent begins to free fall, he hunches forward before preparing his fists out and firing a supercharged dual beam at them.
Butch Coby Jackpot Destruction Butch cracks his knuckles before starting off with a mid-hitting side kick. If the move's first 3 kicks land, he follows with a series of punches and finishes with a Final Upper.
Byakuren Hijiri *Race Through the Sky at 100 kph!* Byakuren quickly rushes forward to knock the opponent, then slams them with her motorcycle in a fast-paced cutscene.
Captain Neo Disruption Captain Neo snaps his finger with a signal, summoning his main star fighter to charge its laser beam before shooting an opponent when the third level is reached.
Carole Rogan Hyper Investigative Strike
Chieftain Paladin Brightness of War
Cirno Ice Cube "Great Crusher" Cirno beats down the opponent with a huge ice clump.
Clownpiece Apollo Hoax Theory
Commandar Bon Elite Resistance Commandar Bon tosses his concussion grenade towards the opponent. In case of contact, he calls his companions Bryan and Herman with his communications microphone for his assistance, lets Bryan to hit them with the series of punches, Herman performs an uppercut on them to the air and finish off with the barrage of bullets with his full-powered battle rifle, while both are using futuristic assault rifles.
Craig Lawn Nitro Time Craig gut-punches the opponent away from him. Once they got hit, he then gut-punches them again, sprints behind them and slams them with his McLaren F1 from a fast-paced cutscene to the in-game arena.
David Croot Orbital Uplink Cannon David pulls out a large, LAW-like tracking device. The player can then scroll around the screen with a large cross hair. Hitting a punch button will fire a powerful plasma-like beam at the spot the cross hair is on but can be done three times before this Ultra Card ends. This can also hit OTG. The Ultra Card ends if David is hit.
Dean Warson Heroic Beat Down
Demo Big Blow Up
Deniel Dannis Deadly Combination
Dick Anders Operation Contra Terrorista Dick brings out his knife and perform a series of slashes in a strong way. If this successfully hit an opponent, he continues doing this. Dick then jumps up very high and smiles menacingly at the cutscene as he pulls off and throws a handful of flash bangs downwards. They fall surrounding the recovering opponent, who looks at them shocked. Immediately, the flash bangs glow and detonate simultaneously, stunning the defenseless opponent. Dick then lands harmlessly on his feet, brings out his dual M1A1 assault rifles and rapidly shoots the opponent to inflict a huge damage.
Don Pepe Bomb Bomb
Dr. Horace Madman Executive Madness
Dun Frylark Final Explosive Buster Dun stretches his arms out and rushes a short distance towards his opponent, attempting to grab them. If successful, he grabs them around their waist, performs a single German Suplex, flip jumps the maneuver from mid-air, lifts them above his head, performs a reverse back-breaker on them and flings them skyward in the air. He then readies himself with the blink of his right eye in a cutscene, rocket jumps up with his rocket launcher to the opponent, grapples them and performs a powerful piledriver. If this is finished the match or the replacement of a fallen opponent, they will be left with their legs pointing upwards out of the ground.
Flandre Scarlet And Then Will There Be None? Flandre charges at the opponent. If she connects, the screen then goes black before several scratch marks are seen. Flandre and the opponent reappear and Flandre’s hands begin to glow before the opponent explodes.
Frank Theoren Airstrike Franks Theoren throws a grenade that releases purple gas on a ground as a target area for airstrike. Once a grenade is activated, you will hear the sonic boom and he sends a squadron of jet fighters (possibly A-10 Thunderbolt II, F-22 Raptor or AV-8B Harrier II) as his air support to blanket a cluster of high-damaging missiles on the purple gas.
Mononobe no Futo *Even in Death, One Plate is Still Missing!* Futo places what seems to be a portable well on a plate, and said well starts sucking the air around it. If the opponent is sucked in, the spirit pops out of the well sending the opponent flying behind Futo. Futo then strikes a pose. If nothing is sucked in, Futo sends the well flying which can also hurt the opponent on it's way down.
Gast Masken Backstab Gas activates his Dead Watcher and taunts. If his opponent hits him with a normal attack, he dies in a feign way, leaves a fake corpse, appears behind and backstabs him/her with a knife, but can be hit only once.
Guerrilla Gorilla Trusty Kong Guerrilla tries to Gorilla Punch the opponent. With a single hit, he can be followed by Gorilla Suplex and a leaping Razor's Edge. Whilst still grappling the opponent, he lifts them up over his head with arms fully extended, launches into the air and lowers the arm under their head to dive diagonally downwards, slamming them into the ground headfirst. If this skill results in the replacement of a fallen opponent or a match victory, they will be left with their legs pointing upwards out of the ground in a comical fashion.
Guy Rawkins Liberation Force
Gyro McSandwich Gyro Strike Gyro pulls out the hard hammer and try to hit his opponent's head once. If the opponent got hit by a hammer, you will hear a comical hit sound and he or she stuns before Gyro stays far away from the target area. Then bringing out his radio to summon his best friend piloting X-36 Gyrocopter and engage the target on opponent by firing with machine guns and rockets while he's hiding his eyes from watching the attack. And finish off with dropping bomb at knocked down opponent before Gyro take off his hands from his eyes to return normal position.
Hatate Himekaidou Photography Secluded Paparazzi Hatate dashes forward with the ultimate speed to knock down the opponent hardly. Once the opponent got hit, she then pulls out her cellphone with the camera, snapshots her selfie with them, assaults them with a flurry of speedy Damnmaku-based attacks that differentiates Aya and varies depending of her photography from Double Spoiler and finishes them off with a standing stomp from the air inspired from impossible Spell Card before doing her selfie again. It has optional invincibility to most projectiles.
Hecatia Lapislazuli Trinitarian Rhapsody
Hina Kagiyama Calamity "Cursed Hina Dolls" Hina spins, then once hit, she hits the opponent back. She then sends out multiple Hina dolls after the opponent. At the end, one doll drops a bomb that explodes in front of the enemy.
Ichirin Kumoi *A 265-Centimeter Fiend Appears!* Ichrin summons Hasshaku-sama, which creates a dark circle around it. If the opponent is launched into the border of this circle, they will suffer damage. Can be used to possibly extend combos.
Iku Nagae Lightning Sign "Elekiter Dragon Palace" Iku summons a thunderbolt from directly above. It can be used as a protective barrier.
Josh Celton End of the Bright Josh throws a flash bang to stun the opponent. Then aim at his/her head and shoot while using any kinds of firearms.
Junko Lilies of Murderous Intent
Jun Won Heel Slammer
Kagerou Imaizumi Sirius "High-Speed Pounce" Kageoru lets out a howl which releases a sound wave. If the opponent gets caught in it, they will become disoriented. Kagerou then runs up to them and claws them a couple times before she grabs them and does an atomic pile driver.
Kaguya Houraisan Tree-Ocean of Hourai Kaguya manipulates the ocean of trees that is famous for its turning trap, making compasses inoperative.
Kasen Ibaraki *Monkey's Paw! Crush my Enemy!* Kasen holds her arm and creates tornado by spinning herself up. If this connects, then the opponent flies sideways behind the tornado until he/she goes up to the air while the tornado disappears and Kasen grabs her wand. Then use it to manipulate the magical power that resembles the monkey's paw and let it squeeze the opponent harshly. As this move is done, the opponent goes down from the top of the stage.
Katana Arakaki Shirase Jutsu
Keine Kamishirasawa Future "Gods' Realm" (normal only) Keine readies herself to activate this spell and performs a massive high-shot Danmaku to deal a huge amount of damage.
Last History (EX-form only) Keine slashes her opponent with her claws. She then impales the opponent on her horns before jumping into the air and slamming the opponent to the ground.
Keung Lee Raging Dragon
Kevin Abraman Tank Deployment Kevin uses his military communications device to summon a supportive cargo plane from a real dimension and carefully airdrops down a futuristic battle tank with a limited amount of shield on a ground. If Kevin pilots a tank, the final shot meter automatically activates and you can press the horizontal movement buttons to move it and turn its turret across the ground and a punch button to fire an explosive shot. If the final shot meter is full, then a tank charges a fully powerful explosive shot that hugely detonates in a particular countdown and shoots before Kevin gets off from it. If the shield is depleted, the tank will hugely explode with much damage in few seconds until its visibility is gone or Kevin is out of vehicle.
Kirill Bushnov Crazy Ivan Demolition Kirov attempts to hit the opponent's head with his empty Vodka bottle. Once the opponent got knocked down by this attack, Kirov then places the trinitrotoluene dynamites with Russian Trotil markings (тротил) around the opponent and detonates them with dynamite detonator, causing a major explosion.
Kogasa Tatara Large Ring "Hello Forgotten World" Kogasa grabs the opponent, smashing them with her umbrella and summons a ring of bullets for the finish. This move cannot be blocked but can only affect ground opponents.
Koishi Komeiji *I'm Going to Call You Now, So Answer the Phone!* Koishi sends out a sound wave in a radius around her. If it connects, the screen goes black and text is displayed along with silhouettes of Koishi. At the end, Koishi stabs the opponent with a knife.
Komachi Onozuka Poor Fate "Short Life Expectancy" Komachi performs a fearsome skill that cuts the opponent's life in half. Hitting with this skill early in the match is very advantageous, but on the flip side it is very costly so use precisely.
Hata no Kokoro *I'm Still Pretty Like This, Right?* Kokoro pulls out a swirling mask of darkness and slams it into her opponent. If this connects, she stares at her opponent and pulls off her surgical mask and spooks them with a scary mask.
Landon Trakes Headshot/Sniper Scope Landon brings out his Accuracy International AWM sniper rifle as his signature weapon and aim the opponent's head using a scope in 5 seconds while walking slowly backward. If the target is properly aimed, then he immediately shoots with a lethal damage. If not, then he misses only one shot or shoot with a large amount of damage at the opponent's body rather than a head.
Lan Xiang Phoenix Beauty Dance
Lite Hostage Pail Head Crusher Lite attempts to put a pail onto the opponent's head so they can't see. If successful, he then head slams the back of them 4 times, charge to the corner of a stage where he slams while holding their head and ends with a powerful body slam.
Magician Type X Infernal Execution
Mamizou Futatsuiwa *Space Security Leak! Deal With the Situation Promptly* Mamizou readies herself and does a slow charge forward. If she manages to hit someone she'll proceed to beat down whoever was caught before flashing them with a neuralyzer.
Marisa Kirisame *Lovely! Ms. Hanako of the Toilet!* Marisa performs a quick uppercut with her broom. Surprisingly large hit box, very fast, invulnerable startup. Marisa's only true reversal option, and a good reversal while at it too. Not recommendable for combos as such, unless it will end the match, as just having it forces the opponent to respect it or risk eating a lot of damage.
Medicine Melancholy Confusion "Into Delirium" Jumping towards the back of the screen, Medicine vaults forward and performs several flying kicks through his opponent, dropping poison on them. Medicine then finishes it with one final, powerful foot-stomp to send the opponent crashing down. If the initial first hit is blocked, it will stop there.
Hong Meiling Fiery Attack "Roc-Killing Fist" A three-tiered powerful attack. Meiling can power through opponent attacks and still use this move; extremely powerful and able to be linked into, this is one move that can turn the tables completely in a match.
Metal Commando Total Annihilation Metal Commando brings his advanced laser gun (based on Creatoy Roarguy, GR9, SRM Arms Model 1208, G36, MP5K, MP7, FN P90, FN F2000, XM8, XM29 OICW, SRSS BullDog 762, H&K G36C, FAMAS F1, MSG90, Bushmaster ACR, MP5SD, SL8, WA 2000, Steyr AUG, IWI X95L and IMI Tavor TAR-21) to shoot the opponent, while checking its target with the pointer laser. If the opponent got hit by the laser beam, the military weapon itself charges up until it reaches to a maximum level to finish the blast with a particle-beam cannon from the top of the screen.
Toyosatomimi no Miko *As a Special Service, I'll Let You Choose Both!* Miko prepares her Shaku above her head, makes a strike downwards, and a circular area around her is hit with blue and red aura.
Millard Ostin Death Ray/Peace Ray Millard brings out an electricity-based or Tesla ray weapon and electrocutes an opponent to deal a massive amount of damage.
Minako Kamikouchi Rainy Day
Minamitsu Murasa Deep Sinker Raising her ladle, Minamitsu lets a torrent of water hit the opponent. Once successful, the stage is covered in water and Murasa runs the opponent over with a giant ship.
Moai King Obliteration
Fujiwara no Mokou *Let This Whole World Burn Away to Nothing!* Mokou creates a ball of blue flame in her hands which expands into a large explosion, destroying herself and everything nearby.
Momiji Inubashiri Lobo Counter Momiji crouches behind her shield, and when hit by an attack that is not a projectile, she will unleash a flurry of slashes at the opponent, smack them with her shield and then finish them off with a Danmaku attack.
Muay Tiger Assault
Mystia Lorelei Hawk Sign "Ill-Starred Dive" Mystia dashes and if that connects, she unleashes a barrage of claw attacks before slashing straight through them, leaving an X formed from slash marks.
Nash Steele Spec Ops Enduring Liberation
Netsu Senpu Kusari Shukaku Netsu does a 2-finger ninja pose and will attempt to slide kick the opponent. If this is successful, he then grabs them, gut-punches them once, does a little series of punches, performs a roundhouse kick and back-flip-kicks them to the air. While the opponent is spiraling skyward, Netsu pulls out his Ninjato (ninja sword) and slashes them from all directions using the multiple leaps as the Japanese music changes and the entire background of the stage goes white. For the final attack, Netsu lands on the stage and returns his sword back to let the previous slashes resume for a great deal of damage.
Nitori Kawashiro *Loch Ness is Here Right Now!* Nitori hides behind a cloak and vanishes from sight. The stage is engulfed in fog and several massive splashes occur around the stage. If the opponent is hit, Nessie's silhouette appears in the background with glowing eyes and shoots a beam of water.
Nue Houjuu Nue Sign "Undefined Darkness" Nue dashes forward with her fork out. If she hits the enemy, she will make it go dark. Nue then jumps out of nowhere and does a powerful jab with her pitchfork before summoning UFOs that fire lasers at the opponent.
Patchouli Knowledge Sun Sign "Royal Flare" Patchouli raises her book above her head and fills the entire stage with fire for a short time.
Placid Ironside Defense Turret Buildup
Raiko Horikawa Pristine Beat Raiko pulls out her drumsticks and tries to knock down the opponent twice. When connected, the entire stage goes black, sending the Tsukumo sisters Benben and Yatsuhashi, turning on the lights on them and perform a stage music with their respective musical instruments that lets the notes of illusion, thunders and Taiko drums out in the entire screen to have a massive deal of damage.
Reimu Hakurei *To Think There'd be a Shrine Maiden in That Gap!* Reimu leaps and banishes her opponent into her gap, binds them with magic arrays inside it and deals a huge amount of damage.
Reisen Udongein Inaba *You've Already Gone Mad!*
Remilia Scarlet Scarlet Devil Remilia will run toward the opponent. If she connects, she will then fly up carrying them, before she bites them and sucks some of their blood, regaining a little bit of life. She then drops the opponent to the ground and releases a cross shaped blast of aura, doing massive damage.
Rin Satsuki
Rina Stock Passionate Prominence Rina hardly blows the opponent by doing a forward flying single-handstand-style kick to launch them higher to the air. If this connects, she then place a dynamite at the top of launched opponent to make them blasted with a massive damage once they fell down and back flips away from it as she watches the explosion of prominence.
Ronn Marshall Military Tactical Explosion
Roxanne Foxy Wild Patrol Omega
Roy Shieldman Final Extermination
Rumia EX Rumia Rumia launches a orb at the ground and if it hits the opponent, Rumia will launch them in the air. She then removes her amulet and turns into her EX Form. She then charges at the opponent before she turns back to normal (Even looking panicked) before she slams into the opponent and drives them into the ground.
Sakuya Izayoi Buriallusion "Phantasmic Killer" A stronger version of Murder Doll. A temporal manipulation spell where knives leave the screen then bear down on the opponent at blinding speed.
Sam Ramsen Special Force Combination Sam blows her opponent with a knife. Once they got hit, she returns it and counters by flipping onto their shoulders and snapping their neck. She then takes them down and snaps their arm with a reverse direction. To top it all over, she turns her opponent around, grapples them by the neck, and harshly twists it.
Sanae Kochiya Sea Opening "Moses' Miracle" A powerful melee attack that allows Sanae to rain down blows from above the enemy. She's invincible during and after the attack, but she's vulnerable before the attack begins.
Satori Komeiji Recollection "Terrifying Hypnotism" Once activated, Satori uses a heart blast attack to hit stun the opponent. For approximately 6 seconds after, her heavy attack button will be an unblockable punch. When it connects, Satori then appears floating bringing traumatic memories to the surface of the opponent's mind, before creating an explosion.
Seiga Kaku Demonify "Zouhuo Rumo" Seiga sends out Yoshika after the opponent. When Yoshika catches the opponent, she will bite the opponent repeatedly before Seiga surrounds the opponent with several energy Kunai, that she launches at the opponent.
Seija Kijin Turnabout "Change Air Brave" Seija throws her Miracle Hammer Replica. When it hits, the opponent appears upside down then falls to the floor before Seija sends down several danmaku on them.
Shikieiki Yamaxanadu Last Judgement Shikieiki will attempt to hit the opponent with her Rod of Remorse. Once successful, the opponent is put in a dizzy state as Shikieiki summons a large Judge’s Stand which she sits on. The word “Guilty” then appears above her as she fires a huge laser from the stand at the opponent.
Shinmyoumaru Sukuna *Grow Bigger, Oh Green Giant!* Shinmyoumaru tosses the Magical Mallet into the air, which returns to the ground in front of her as a giant hammer. If the hammer hits the opponent on the way down, the opponent is pinned in the floor. Green light emits from the hammer, and a cutscene plays. Upon cutscene end, a giant foot stomps on the opponent.
Shoe Satellite Laser Cannon
Shota Muto Ginga
Skullus Nightmare Dimension
Solo Breeze Thermonuclear Attack
Soro Cang Air Target Soro pulls out his radio to contact his brothers of Air Force and the player can choose where the target is. Once the target is located, Soro summons the 2 supporting jet fighters within the series used for airstrike. During airstrike, the supporting jet fighters can fire vulcan cannons until they are being finished with missile strike.
Stryker Hawk Iron Eagle Striker
Suika Ibuki Gathering Oni "Throwing Atlas" Suika will grab the opponent. If this connects, she then begins to charge her boulder throw with them caught inside.
Sumireko Usami *See Visions of the Other World's Lunacy!* After the flash, Sumireko snaps, causing a white flash to engulf the screen.
Suwako Moriya Scourge God "Mishaguchi-sama" Suwako pauses and then bows down on the ground, causing a wave of darkness to expand from her up to half the screen. If an opponent comes in contact with the wave (not the fog), they freeze as the screen turns to black and four white phantom snakes with red eyes emerge from the ground to stare at the victim.
Tenjin Hokutaro Teikoken Tenjin glides forward along the ground on a zen-state one-legged stance and strikes with a strong punch. Once the hit is successful, he then does a powerful uppercut on their stomach and delivers an alternate-handed version to their chin, sending them skyward.
Tenshi Hinanawi Keystone "World Creation Press" Taking the great heights above the screen, Tenshi descends onto the opponent with an enlarged keystone in her arms. A wanton technique.
Tewi Inaba Rabbit Sign "Bare White Rabbit of Inaba"
Travis Croot Satellite Particle Cannon Travis pulls out a large, stinger-like tracking device that allows the satellite to set targets. The player can then scroll around the screen with a satelitte cross hair. Once a punch button is pressed, it will fire a sustained particle uplink beam at the spot the cross hair is on in 10 seconds. While doing this, the mirror can be remote-controlled by the player to slowly move the beam by using horizontal direction of the input. This can also hit OTG. The Ultra Card ends if Travis is suddenly hit.
Utsuho Reiuji Abyss Nova A nuclear chain reaction occurs within Utsuho and destroys everything in sight once critical mass is reached.
Voltrex Hyper Mechanical Avenger Voltrex tries to grab the opponent using one-handed Rocket Grab. If this connects, it then delivers its alternate-handed Rocket Grab and spins its torso around to launch them skyward and finishes them off with its hyper laser cannon coming out from its chest and fires a supercharged laser beam directly to them.
Warcanine Doggy Top Down Warcanine initiates with a short range biting attack. If the opponent is successfully hit, he then grabs them and slams them face-first into the ground. Keeping the opponent held, his rider armor then spins around, grinding the opponent's face against the ground while it begins to burn from intense friction. Finally, his rider armor applies a mechanical diver that launches itself up while leaping the opponent downwards to the ground, then does a doggy pose in the air to hardly slam onto the fallen body of theirs.
William Ostin Military Avenger's Revenge
Wriggle Nightbug Wriggle Kick Wriggle does an exaggerated karate chop and if she hits, the opponent is left in a dizzy state. She then jumps in the air and does a "Kamen Rider" style flying kick.
Yomo & Vince Rough Playtime for Adventurers
Youmu Konpaku Empty Perception "6-root Cleansing" Youmu unsheathes her sword, parrying the opponent's melee attack, spliting into 5 of herself which quickly surround the opponent at high speed before all slashing at once, they then fade and Youmu descends for the finishing slash.
Yukari Yakumo Obsolete Line "Trip to the Old Station" Yukari pulls back into a guarded pose and hesitates a moment before opening an incredibly large boundary out of which pours a 4-car passenger train.
Yumemi Okazaki Magical Position of Science Yumemi goes down on her knees and looks into the sky. Then a bomb pops in front of her and explodes. If successful, The opponent is launched into the air before Yumemi sends down several lasers to strike them.
Yuugi Hoshiguma Big Four Arcanum "Knock Out In Three Steps" Yuugi initiates with a short range grapple attack. If this connects, she powerbombs the opponent, picks them up again, and spins them around by their legs before throwing them into the air. Yuugi then jumps up to the opponent, grabs them and performs a finishing piledriver.
Yuuka Kazami Fantasy "The Beauty of Nature" Yuuka sends out Elly and once she hits, Elly starts attacking with her Scythe before Yuuka creates a giant flower that fires Danmaku at the opponent.
Yuyuko Saigyouji Sakura Sign "Sense of Cherry Blossom" Yuyuko twirls where she stands, and after a bit more than a second, swings her fan and releases a gigantic pink slash similar to her alt 623, covering a huge area in front of her, reaching very high.


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